Our Food

At Chophouse New Orleans we use simple preparations to display the distinct flavors of fresh, highest quality ingredients. Some of the characteristics that set us apart from our competitors are:

• We serve only USDA grade prime for every cut of beef – including filets. Only the top 3% of all beef is graded prime. Certified Angus some restaurants brag about is choice grade, not prime. Our steaks are aged a minimum of 4 weeks for extra flavor and cut to the exact weights shown on the menu. Strip and porterhouse cuts are trimmed of fat and the porterhouse is a true porterhouse with both filet and strip sides. We don’t call a T-bone a porterhouse or serve a 16 oz. strip steak with 13 ounces of steak and 3 ounces of fat.

• Our filets are barrel cuts only – no gristle, no chains (the thin piece of meat hanging on the side of the filet) and no V-cut heads. This raises our costs tremendously, especially since we are one of the few steakhouses in the U.S.A. that uses only prime for filets. (Yes, we believe our guests can taste the difference.) But with these tight quality controls, at Chophouse New Orleans no one gets the cheaper head cuts or meat from the chain to make it look like there is more on the plate. And our carpaccio is made with only prime tenderloin as well.

• Besides top quality properly aged meat, the technique for broiling steaks and chops and the equipment used greatly affect the taste of the final product. Our chefs are trained on our 1700° Southbend™ broilers with the exact procedures to produce just the right amount of caramelization for extra flavor.

• We use U-10s or larger for our shrimp dishes. There is a tremendous price premium for these giant shrimp versus smaller ones. Our crab meat cocktail is made with jumbo lump crab meat only – double the cost of regular crab meat. Lobster tails are cold water only.

• We serve only 2 different varieties of fish: steak cuts of sea bass and a local Gulf fish. By limiting variety, we move our fish out before they can get old in our coolers so each fish is really “the fish of the day.”

• Baked potatoes are jumbo Idahos only, each weighing at least 1 pound. All our potatoes are fresh – never frozen.

• Coffee is premium brewed to our specifications from a tiny New Orleans specialty coffee producer we have done business with continuously for over 25 years. The decaf is so good it tastes like real coffee.

• With over 40 years experience buying wine commercially, I have personally selected the wines on our list. We stock relatively inexpensive to the best wines of the world and modestly mark them up to permit experimentation in every quality level.

• Our environment is pre-planned for comfort. We use chairs that are large and comfortable, not the tiny bentwood chairs often found elsewhere in New Orleans. We also monitor our sound level to be sure there is energy in the room from our nightly live entertainment in the bar but not so loud as to prohibit conversation at the table.

Thank you for dining with us tonight. We hope your visit to Chophouse New Orleans exceeds your expectations in every respect.


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