The Chophouse New Orleans Story

Barbara and I met at Tulane University several years ago. Actually, more than several, but who’s counting.

As luck would have it, we made a few bucks over the years in several different businesses, one of which was restaurants. Obviously, New Orleans was a target market, but with all the wonderful food in this great city, why “carry coals to Newcastle?”

That said, the urge never got far from the surface and since we already operate several prime steakhouses, opening one here makes sense rather than a seafood oriented, chef driven menu like most of the great restaurants of the city.

So how do we distinguish our steakhouse from the others in New Orleans? Our food differences are many and too complicated to cover here, but if you are interested in the details, click here. Besides higher quality food, we also plan to produce a feeling of a “happening joint” reminiscent of an earlier time – in the style of Toots Shor, The Stork Club, Brown Derby and even The Beverly Club right here in New Orleans. Sorry, but you gotta go around the corner to Harrah’s if you want to chance lady luck.

Our son Greg is the Chairman of our restaurant company. He has assembled a team of professionals who bring with them a wealth of hospitality experience most of which is here in New Orleans. Barbara and I will be in the restaurant much of the time as well and have bought a home in New Orleans, our favorite city. Be sure and ask for us so we can get to know you personally.

Thanks for visiting Chophouse New Orleans and thanks too for reading our story.

Barbara and Jerry Greenbaum

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